Maroon Valentines Set | Styled it

Screenshot_9 Hello! Today I will be styling the limited item set from Valentine’s Day Event 2016. I named this “Maroon Valentines” since majority of the colour is maroon and it’s from a Valentine event. Make sense right? xD Let’s get started!

Valentines Hair with Headband

This is a lovely hair I’d say, suitable for any occasions ^^  You can always cover up the headband with some other head accessories if you think it doesn’t match well with your outfit.


Maroon Top with Pink Dots

Since this is a crop top, it’ll look nicer with high waisted pants or skirts. Here’s some tips for wearing crop tops.


White Skirt with Maroon Trim

Well this is a high waisted skirt, wearing it with a crop top work best. It looks extremely weird with tee shirts anyways.


Thanks for reading!


Valentine’s Day | Fantage Event 2016


Hi there! The Valentine’s Day event is now released! Let’s take a look at the info. Realize that this event will take place till Feb 17 which is after Valentine’s Day. I think Fantage made a mistake with the info above.


Card Trouble


Michelle need our help to find her missing stamps, so that she can send cards to her friends. We need to find stamps all around Fantage, check everywhere even in the shops. Stamp location may vary for everyone.

Prize Booth

When you log in, a pop up message will tell you which team you’re in. *WHAT TEAM?* *cough hsm reference cough*


Collect as many stamps to help you team win!


Here are the prizes! The new ones are pretty amazing!


Win a medal

Collect stamps to win or level up your medal. Non member can level up up to 10 while members are 20.


Limited Items


*screams* The new limited items are stunning! And there will be two more limited sets? I’m really excited to see the other limited sets!


Hair: 3,000 Gold     Top: 2,000 Gold    Bottom: 2,000 Gold

Shoes: 1,000 Gold    Heart 1,500 Gold

What’s great about the limited set is that we can gift them to friends!



Alright! That’s part 1 for this event. I rate 4 out of 5 for this event. The limited set is awesome, so are the new prizes from prize booth. Stay tuned for the next part, byeeee!


Funny Search Terms Tag!

Thank you Cloud82 for tagging me!


  •  Take a picture of your blogs search terms from the past 30 days
  • Choose 3-7 of your favourite/funny search terms from ALL TIME! (and comment on them)
  • Nominate 5-7 people

Past 30 days

Unlike Cloud’s blog, mine doesn’t have much search terms for the past 30 days.


I’ll just have to break the rule for using a year of search terms. Sorry!

Past Year

Click on them to have a bigger view

Favourite Search Terms

1) Essay on I woke up I found myself in wonderlandScreenshot_41

Haahah I’m sorry to whoever was searching this, can’t help you with your essay..hmm maybe you did get some inspiration from my story? idk.. Hopefully you get to finish your essay.

2) Quitting FantageScreenshot_42Screenshot_43

I don’t get why you need to search on how to quit Fantage. If you wanna quit then just don’t play Fantage xD

3) Fantage PokemonScreenshot_45

Imagine Fantage in the Pokemon concept. Fantagian will be the trainers, pets will be Pokemon.

4)Stop fantage babiesScreenshot_44

lmao tbh i hate these kind of tryouts, the way that fantage babies talk annoys me!!

Okay so those are the good ones I found.

I nominate..

  • silver
  • sindyblue10
  • emiwee
  • mmchan
  • and anyone who wanna do this tag!



Flowy Ribbon Hair | Styled It

Screenshot_27 Hiya! I’m gonna style Flowy Ribbon Hair today~ Wow look at the amount of ribbons on the hair! Imagine wearing tons of ribbon on your hair in real life, people might look at you in a odd way…well unless you’re in Harajuku, Japan!

Cute and Girly

Flowy Ribbon Hair is kawaii and girly looking, wearing cute dresses or skirts suit the best! Colours like pastel, pink, white or purple gives a cheerful and cute touch to your look.


Fancy Schamcy

Attending a party or prom? No problem! I mean why not have fun and wear a tons of ribbons on your hair? I prefer wearing dresses in a darker colour, so that the hair stands out. Wear silver accessories or sparkles to complete your look ;)


Casual Everyday

A plain top, jeans, sneakers or sandals will do.. ya know casual wears. Black or white coloured clothing are best to start with.



  • Wear only one pattern clothing in an outfit. I do not recommend wearing more than one pattern clothing with this hair because it’ll look messy.
  • Wear simple head accessories. Head accessories are great for cover-ups, but some doesn’t work well with this hair, eg: pbh, ribbons or huge head accs.
  • Wear simple or dainty earrings. A huge and detailed one will make your outfit look messy.


Thanks for reading!


Why Did You Pick Your Username/Blog Name? Tag

Thank you mmchan for tagging me!


  1. Thank the person who nominated you!


My aunt introduce me to a Japanese game(i think) called Neopets. I didn’t know what username to pick so my aunt suggested putting ‘mini’ in front of my name which makes ‘minitricia’. For my Fantage username, 93 is just a random number..I don’t even know why I’d choose it -.-

Blog Name

I was watching a tv program (probably about fashion) and the word ‘fashionable’ came into my mind. Paring it with ‘fantage’ is weird so I changed it to ‘fantagian’.

I tag:

  • cutiecake aka julia (Thank you for ‘like spamming’ me xD)
  • silver / christina
  • blizz99
  • cloud82
  • ilikecupcake


Blonde/ Intriguing Hair | Styled it

Screenshot_17 I’m going to style these vintage hairs today! Do you know that Fantage released Intriguing Hair (red) first? Intriguing Hair (red) was released on June 2008 while Blonde Intriguing Hair was on Sep 2008.


Intriguing Hair (red)

Matches with pink,orange,yellow,black etc.


Blonde Intriguing Hair

It’s easier to style because it matches with every colour :)



There are two more hairs that looks almost alike to Intriguing Hair (red). You can get Intriguing Braids at Orion Rares. Agent hair is a retired item, try finding it at Mymall.


Thanks alexandra alex-chan for suggesting!


Coined Fashion

Hey guys, I haven’t posted here for a while because I haven’t had any good ideas to post about that I’d be happy with. I got bored of the OOTDs I did and you guys probably did too. I thought I’d do something more interesting that relates to one outfit per post so that it won’t take too much time and I thought of this new series I can do.


‘Coined Fashion’ are for those Fantagians that doesn’t have much Gold to spend and instead have plenty of Ecoins to spare. (like me because I’m so bad at selling in MyMall and I don’t want to part with my items)

Easy way to earn Ecoins –> log in to Fantage daily and get the daily attendance prizes. If you continue doing that, you will end up with enough Ecoins to spend on a good outfit.

What’s good about these Coined outfits I’ll post about? –> It won’t be too expensive so we can afford it and I’ll help raise your trendsetters % while I’m at it.

Trendsetter items includes: rare, limited, and luxury items. My outfits will include luxury items. If you buy them, it’ll help contribute to the amount of trendsetter items you already have.

What the outfit won’t include –> limited items, rare items, boards (the boards I use in my outfits will not be part of the outfit I post about, but I’ll tell you where I got it)

What the outfits will include–> Items you can buy with stars or Ecoins in Le Shop and Stellar Salon.

The first outfit to this series will be a comfy, stylish, casual style you can find people wearing in every day life:


The items:

From Le Shop

From Stellar Salon

Total amount of Luxury items: 3

Total Costs:

Ecoins –> 4,900

Stars –> 1,600

*The board is a rare item.


There you have it. I hope you liked the outfit and please tell me what you think about this ‘Coined Fashion’ idea. Is it stupid? Or does it help you discover items in Le Shop and Stellar Salon that you didn’t realise was there before? Please be honest because I wouldn’t want to waste my time on a post that you guys don’t enjoy.


Chez Fantage Reopening |Limited Items

Hi stylers! (SophiaStyled reference whoops)

I’m going to talk about the limited items from the event, Chez Fantage Reopening. Sorry for not posting about the whole event, because I think it’ll be boring to make a post about it since a lot of bloggers already did them. Let’s take a look at the items!


Limited Item Set 1


Ears: 2,000 Gold ; 4,000 Stars             Nose: 1,500 Gold ; 3,000 Stars

Gloves: 1,500 Gold ; 3,000 Stars          Shoes: 1,000 Gold ; 2,000 Stars

Tail: 1,500 Gold ; 3,000 Stars

First impression: O_O mouse nose??! ehhh I personally think that the nose is horrible! Take a look at the pic below, it doesn’t look good. I found someone wearing the ears and stuff without the nose and it’s so much cuter!

Screenshot_2  Screenshot_9  Screenshot_14.png Screenshot_15.png

lol I was playing around with the wardrobe, feels good to wear whatever I want -w-, and I think I might buy the ears because it looks so cute with bunny nose ><

Limited Item Set 2


Hat: 1,500 Gold          Board: 3,000 Gold

The second set looks fine, but I don’t think I like cheese on my head XD The board looks great too. Look how realistic looking the cheese is! The shading and all is amazing.


Limited Item Set 3

Hair: 3,000 Gold       Shirt: 2,000 Gold        Pants: 2,000  Gold

Shoes: 1,000 Gold     Whisk: 1,500 Gold

The third set is the most prettiest among the three xD At first I thought it was a costume, like one of those in the serving game at Chez Fantage. The pieces looks great together. I absolutely love the checkered pattern. It adds a playful touch to your outfit.

My advice for wearing the pants will be:

  • Paring it with a solid or simple top.
  • Careful when paring it with another print. (I personally think that it doesn’t match with leopard print)

Look up ‘checkered pants’ on Pinterest for more inspiration ^^ I seriously feel like owning one right now lol. I hope Fantage make one in the future ;v;

Screenshot_1 Screenshot_12Screenshot_11Screenshot_10

Okay! That’s all for this post. What do you think about the new limited items? Love them or not? Comment your thoughts! (wow that rhymes xD)

Thank you for reading!




Puppy Sitting


Fantage has released a event called Puppy Sitting. It is said that Maurice needs our help to  puppy sit.(Since when Maurice sells real pets?) 

Let’s take a look at the event info.


Once you’re logged in, you’ll receive 5 energy packs. You need these ‘energy packs’ to do activities with your puppy.


At the very end of your left screen, you’ll see an icon. Click on that to choose your puppy.

Screenshot_74Screenshot_75 (If you hover on the icon it’ll change the image of a yorkie to a husky.I prefer looking at the husky though hahaha)


Now you got to choose your puppy. Decide carefully because once you pick your puppy, you can’t change it anymore. So make sure to click on the puppy you want for multiple times, just in case xD I chose the husky. (WHY ISN’T THERE A CORGI PUP ?!? //cries)


Fill up those bars by clicking on the activities to level up your medal.


How to get energy packs:

  • Login everyday (5 energy packs, extra 2 energy packs for pm)
  • Every 30 minutes you’re logged in (1 energy pack)
  • Play pet games (Up to 10 energy packs, up to 20 for pm)
  • Buy them using Gold.


Now let’s take a look at the limited items!



Ears: 2,000 Gold ; 4,000 Stars                     Board: 10,000 Gold

The boards are wayyyy too overpriced, but the pixelling is great. The pug looks weird though and he’s even missing a paw!! Why you do this Fantage lel The ears are adorable especially the husky one!


Screenshot_79 natiey_ izzy7239

From left to right: seandre11 // natiey_ // izzy7239

Overall i think it’s a good event. 4/5 for originality, 3/5 for limited items, 2/5 for activities. I hope this isn’t all for this seven day event…

Thanks for reading!