Ruffled Skirt

So there are many variations of the Ruffled skirt. So many different coloured version. E.g. the blue one you find in Le Shop and these:

3 2

I like the black and gold one the best.

I don’t know if it was just me, but I found those skirts somehow hard to match with a top and make it look good. But then you know how there are quite a few crop tops around in Fantage lately…

Those matches well with these type of high waisted skirts.

So using my OOTD as an example:


It matches quite perfectly. Now the only other hard part is to match the colour scheme of the skirt. You’ll find that the black and gold one matches better with that top than the blue one, the purple one and the red one.

But of course matching the ruffled skirt with crop tops is one way. There are other tops that can match with the ruffled skirts. Like this outfit for example: (from my side account)


Though I do admit that the blue one and the black one is easier to match with tops than the others. But head out and try out different combos if you want keeping the tips in mind. The 2 I posted above are outfit ideas. If you have both items, do ahead and put them together if you want. =D

But since we’re on the case of crop tops and high waisted bottoms, these shorts fits nicely with crop tops as well:

3 2


1 2

So yes, once again, remember to match the colours and it’ll look great. =)

I like the pairing with the blue shorts better. All I have to do is change the shoes because it doesn’t match very well.

Though matching colours are always important in any type of outfit. Unless you’re aiming to looking colourful…


Fantagian User Inspired Items

The user-inspired items are out in fantage. You can find the cart in the usual places: Downtown and Uptown.

These are the 4 new ones:



3.3 the hair

My favourite out of the 4 new ones is set number 2. Though I also really like the hair of number 4.

Like the previous time, you can also buy the previous user-inspired items. If I had to choose what to buy, I would want the ones I just mentioned above and…

the outfit of this one:

like the outfit

And the shorts of this one:

like the shorts

Now if only I had the gold to buy all the ones I like. You can only buy them with gold and well, let’s say I only have enough gold to buy 1 item.

Oh well.


Warming Up


I’m so annoyed right now. This has happened the second time. I was a day away from the final attendance thing. I was so excited to get the items on the final attendance day. Then poof, when I logged on today it was back to day one. D=

Besides that, it’s getting cold where I am. That tells you the reason for my outfit choice.

If only the boots can be seen over the jeans or long pants then it would have looked better.

Which do you prefer? The one with the jeans but not showing the boots fully, or the skirt showing the boots?


New Items

New items/clothing has come in LeShop and Stellar Salon.



As usual the outfit to the very right side is for non-members. The outfit for non-members this time round is actually pretty nice and feminine if you ditch the hair. I don’t like the non-member hair style this time.


Easter Outfits

Hey guys,

Here are 4 Easter outfits. Which one do you like best? Vote!

Number 1 is the one on the very left and so on.

b1 b2 b3b4

As you can see, 1 & 2 and 3 & 4 is similar to each other. Keep in mind that a small detail can change the feel of an outfit.

Anyway, I don’t even remember how I got that bunny/rabbit costume. Actually don’t remember how I got 2 other costumes too. I have this suspect that someone is using up my ecoins or gold and buying the random costumes. But then again, I didn’t notice any drastic change in my amount of ecoins or gold. And I probably got it through Lucky Bot  but just don’t remember getting them. But do Lucky Bot give our limited costumes though?

My outfit for Easter is this one:


Anyways, Happy Easter!

It’s a shame Fantage didn’t have an April Fools event.


Easter Outfit Ideas

There’s something about Easter that makes me wanna dress in pastel colours. Pastel colours is basically a lighter tone of each colour, for example, pink, baby blue.



  • Dress in spring colours like pastels, any bright colours or cream.
  • Floral print, lace or polka dots!
  • Anything with bunny, eggs or flowers.


Happy Easter~


2F – 9

Hey guys, quick post. I just happened to earn another MyMall permission. So the things I’m selling:

BTW now that I can no longer re-coin, the blonde hair with green beanie is the last one I’m selling. Remember, it’s a limited item. ;)


Also if there is any ‘very rare’ items any of you want, I am willing to sell it for minimum price since you guys are fellow readers of this blog. Just tell me in the comments. I’m also willing to give other discounts if you ask. But only if it’s asked in the comments here.

This below is also on my want list:


So if any of you know the lowest price that can be sold I’m be very thankful to know!

Also if anyone is willing to sell, name the price in the comments. I’m a cheapskate so…



Hey, quick post.

This is my OOTD for the event:


It’s not all green and it’s not related to ‘lucky’ but I reckon the green and brown fits nicely together.

I had a different outfit the event for a while already so I decided to change it today.

When I went on today I got a free MyMall permission. So this is my kiosk:


I now have a new thing on my ‘want list’. This is it:

want list

I was wondering is any of you now the minimum price for this is to be sold at MyMall so that I will know if the amount I’m spending is worth it or not. The one I found was being sold for 9000 something gold and I don’t have that much gold.

Also if any of you have this and is willing to sell, then tell me and include the price you’re willing to sell. I don’t have too much gold on me so I will be very tight with how much I spend.


2015 St.Patrick’s Day!

St. Patrick’s Day is here!!! Look how green everything is!






The limited cart is located at uptown. Wow so much stuff here.



Green Fedora: 1,500 Gold ;3,000 Star

Brown Short Cut: 3,000 Gold ;6,000 Star

Buttondown with Suspenders: 2,000 Gold ;4,000 Star

Checkered Green Pants: 2,000 Gold ; 4,000 Star

Brown Flat Shoes: 1,200 Gold ;2,400 Star

Rainbow Clover Board: 4,000 Gold ;8,000 Star

In my opinion the hair and the shoes are not worth to buy, you can buy something similar to them in Le Shop for a more reasonable price and plus they are really plain looking. Delm everything is so expensive. I bought the top and the board and I’m broke now lol…



Parade is located at downtown during 4:00 PM FST. It was 4:00 a while ago and everyone freaked out and shouted for the parade but turns out it’s 4:00 AM FST LOL

So put on some greens and wait for the parade. I ain’t got time for that..


Inspiring Outfits