Fantage Membership + OOTD

I went on Fantage today to see that suddenly I became a member again! I checked by seeing others’ profiles and realised that Fantage has given a ‘free member’ thing again. Now I have all my members status back:


Since I can currently use my member items, I will be doing daily OOTDs.

If anyone knows, mind telling me when this ‘free membership’ ends?

The membership crest is currently on 4th month.



The only item I can wear as a member in this outfit is actually only the hair. It’s one of my favourites, but the re-coin option got taken away before I can re-coin it and the ones I find in MyMall is too expensive and I don’t have enough gold as you can see on my IDfone.

Also I have back one of my favourite house + my IDfone keychain, wallpaper and frame. I tried getting them with ecoins but I can’t since I already have them and Fantage doesn’t respond my many emails about it at all.


Wild Red Hair | Styled it

Hello Hello! I’m back for a new styled it post~

Screenshot_38 I’m going to style the new Wild Red Hair from the Tomato Event. The way the hair flows and also the head acc makes me think of bohemian/ gypsy / hippie style. So I’m going to this theme for the hair. Let’s start!


When I think of bohemian / gypsy or hippie i think of layered necklace, strings, flow-y dresses or bandanna. I’m going show some examples of clothing.


And here’s some outfits I’ve styled:





I LOVE this hair! My favourites are the the first pic or occasions and the last pic for casual. What’s yours?

I’m really glad to write a post again. It’s been AGES since my last post :( I’m having my trial exam now and my finals very soon, so I don’t really have time to make posts. Sorry about that ;’)

Thanks for reading~


Sea Princess Hair

I just got this nice blue hair – Sea Princess Hair – from 3 spacegems/moonstones today and so I thought why not quickly put together 3 outfits to post on here?


Here we go:

Underwater Mermaid Princess look


Royal Sea Guard/Assistant look


Sea Princess look


Which is your favourite? For me it’s a close one between the second and third, but I’d have to go with the Sea Princess look.


Fantage Water Park | Event 2015

Hello Hello! The moment we’ve all been waiting for: Fantage Water Park is now released! Screenshot_11



Looks like fantage had added some new features at the beach and also as the cruise. Lets check it out!

Fantage added waves to the sea, it is interactive too! Move your fantagian near to the waves and it’ll push you back! How cool is that!


At the cruise, fantage also added some interactive features. Click on the slides and your fantagian will slide down from it. I’ve been doing it for the pass few minutes, it’s just so fun to watch hahahah!


Another feature at the cruise are water shooting octopus. Just like the waves, you get pushed back by the water. I must say these octopus are too cute!


To be honest,once you’ve played around these features you’ll eventually get tired and annoyed of it. :/ But at least it something new!

Limited items

Onto the next part, limited items!  Oh my isn’t it beautiful? *buys all*


Nah, I did not buy all of them. The top and bottom is quite pricey, I’ll buy them once I earn some gold :/

Hair: 1,500 Gold / 3,000 Stars

Glasses: 800 Gold / 1,600 Stars

Tube: 800 Gold / 1,600 Stars

Top: 2,000 Gold / 4,000 Stars

Bottom: 2,000 Gold / 4,000 Stars

Shoes: 600 Gold / 1,200 Stars

Board: 2,000 Gold /4,000 Stars

Here’s how I’d style the hair, I’m going for a retro theme

Screenshot_26 Screenshot_28 Screenshot_27

Tip: Chew on some gum to look more retro ;O

Thanks for reading!


Once Upon a Time… | Fantage Event 2015

Hey fantagian! It’s been a while isn’t it? I would like to apologize for my inactivity. I’m here updating the current event on Fantage.

Growing up watching Disney movies, I always admire how beautiful, how loving princesses are. Who’s your favourite princess? Mine is Rapunzel :D

You can now dress up like one of the characters!

Part 1: Princess Set


Wow these items are really pretty! I love Cinderella’s dress (Have you watched the new Cinderella? I love that dress of hers! Why don’t fantage pixel something like that :-P) I suppose that the first one is Belle. I don’t really like her outfit, it looks puffy and huge. The hair is nice, love the curly fringe. The swan set is ok.I don’t really like the shape of the hair.

Part 2: Villains

What’s a fairy tail without a villain?


The first set is basically the recolour of the Swan princess set lol, but I like the board in this set. The second set kinda reminds me of cotton candy hahah! The dress in this set actually looked nice! The shape looks normal and definitely not too puffy like the princess set. The third set is soo pruple hahah..Love the shading and colours of it.

I was expecting more activities but looks like that’s pretty much it. A mini game or something like a drama play would be nice. I bought the hair from princess set 1, here’s just how I’d style them :)

Screenshot_1 Screenshot_2 Screenshot_3Screenshot_4Screenshot_5

It’s really easy to style with. You can always find something to cover the crown up if you find it annoying ; like the red reindeer ears on the 4th picture. This hair works best if you’re going for a princess or prom theme.

Thanks for reading!


Ending Outfit

Yesterday’s post ends my one week, daily posts special. =)

Just a heads up, I probably won’t be posting for a while again after this. I hoped you enjoy this full week of scheduled posts. Tell me which posts you liked and which you didn’t. This way, next time I make posts, I will know which ones to make more of!

Comment below your favourite type of post you saw this week.

Or you can even comment below types of posts you would like to see.

My school life and other priorities are getting busier so it can’t really be helped. Fantage is no longer anywhere on the priority list haha.

I thought I should end these week long posts with a reflection, but why not also end these fashion posts with an outfit?

Ending this post with an outfit:


Just a casual one. Nothing special, nothing amazing.

In case you were wondering, I made/typed up and scheduled all these posts in one day. On Saturday, the day I told you guys about this daily week long posts. It took me almost 4 hours so I hope you liked them. =)


Wear or Tear

Note: this is the last special post of the lot. ^_^

I remember I did this post once before. But that post used an outfit already made in Le Shop so it was nothing special. This time though, I’ve put an outfit together and it’s up to you to choose what you think of it.

Would you wear it?

Or not?

Again, using only items found in my inventory. Most these items can also be found in shops in Fantage. So shops like: Le Shop, Stellar Salon and Board Shop. If not found in shops, it will say so.

There will be 3 outfits. They will be some pretty simple ones. =)

So here it is, first up:

A casual ‘cool’ Outfit


Click image to enlarge.

Coming second:

A casual Summer outfit.


And lastly:

A simple, nice, cute outfit.


So which one of them would you wear and which ones would you not? Would you wear the all or scrap them all?

On Fantage I would wear the first and third and in real life I would wear the first and second. The second one is too plain for Fantage, the third one is too not my style for real life. Clearly my favourite is the first one. =)

The 4 Seasons

Here’s an outfit for each season. I also tried to reflect the season in the outfits. Tell me what your favourite season is and if the outfit in that season is your favourite or not. If not, comment your favourite season outfit. ^_^









My favourite season is Autumn or Spring because it’s not too cold or too hot. I like it best when it’s just right. My favourite outfit here is probably Autumn. Spring is second (because I wouldn’t wear a cow shirt in real life), Winter third and Summer last. Even though I like Summer much better than Winter, I wouldn’t wear that type of singlet in real life. A different singlet would be fine though. =)


Rockin’ Those Sunglasses/Glasses

Here are outfits with eyewear! Each outfit will be wearing a different sunglasses or glasses so they won’t be repeated. =) The eyewear used will only be the ones found in my inventory. I will use every single one of them.

There sure are some pretty wacky ones…enjoy the range of different outfits. =)

z1 z2 z3 z4 z5 z6 z7 z8 z9 z10 z11 z12 z13 z14 z16z15z17

17 in total! My favourite one is the first outfit. Second place is the one with the chocolate glasses. There are 3 third place winners: the 4th one, the 5th one and the one with the green eyewear with a green flower in the golden hair.

Special mention to the outfit next to the hamster board. The one with the blue fancy eyewear and outfit.

Which ones are your favourites?