New Shop items!

Wow I haven’t log in to Fantage for such a long time, really happy to see a new update on the shops catalog :D
I’m really excited to see what’s new!!



I’m guessing there’s a new designer? Well he/she did a really good job! The items are shaded well and the colours are so pretty together! The first thing that caught my eye is the BLACK LEATHER JACKET. Good thing they made it a separated item, i’m really excited to try it. Another item I like is the Bright Yellow Skirt. I think it’ll look great with a crop top.


Stellar Salon

Ohhh pretty colours! I love the Neat Green Hair and the Salmon Colored Pony Tail.. well the Bright Red Pony Tail looks a little weird, too much forehead showing >< The bandana looks great on every hair and that flower crown! So pretty *v*



Loco Boardz

Aren’t they beautiful? The bee board is so cute! And look at the detail on the picnic board! It’s like those pixel art you get to see on deviantart! <33


Fantagian spotted wearing the new items:

amial09 elaine0713 koolkats2552 looliex9 xx_kitty_kat_xx

from left to right: amial09 // elaine0713 // koolkats2552 // looliex9 // xx_kitty_kat_xx

Ok that’s all!


Rubix Cube Board

So this has been my outfit for days over a week already:


But what made me finally change my outfit today was because I received 5 lucky bot tickets. And I got really lucky and received the rubix cube board. When I saw it I was pretty surprised but happy about it. I mean, it’s cool to receive a cool item that I’ve been thinking of wanting.

So my current outfit that I quickly put together:


I didn’t have much time so it’s pretty random.

I had on the bunny nose too long so when I took it off, it looked weird and unnatural so I just decided to leave it on. =P

I might get rid of the nose when I go on again tomorrow. I only go on Fantage for the daily attendance thing now. Ahaha. The bunny nose doesn’t really fit with the outfit.

As for a tip with matching things with the rubix cube, don’t make your outfit too colourful or complicated. Match the style and colour like you would do and it’s all good. =)

I don’t have time for detailed tips currently, maybe next time.


I <3 Mom! | Mother's day event 2015


Heyya peep! Here’s the Mother’s day event. To be honest, there’s nothing much you can do..



Is it me or the face acc ur wearing will “blink” if you’re wearing the hair acc?

output_5Lr2sr Yea like that, you can try it in the photobooth.

Well that’s it for this event..yea nothing much to do but come back on 5/10 to get your free gift.

ps: Check the photobooth to see the free gift


Prom 2015 | Part 3 & 4


The first thing I saw was people fighting over to be the DJ lol

A tip: Go to a server with less people xD



Happy Graduation!

Fantage released both the graduation pack




Mother’s day event coming soon!



Sorry for the late post hehe


Prom 2015 | Part 2


Hey peeps! Here’s the second part of the prom event.

Prom Limo

You can find the limo at downtown. Here’s how it looks inside, it’s the same as last year’s prom. It’s said that it can take you to the castle but I can’t find the button.. maybe mine doesn’t load.


Prom dance

I love the decoration here! Everything is so purple and sparkly! But..there’s nothing to do here..maybe chat with other fantagians?


Here’s the VIP room. Credits to Mslol343 from youtube.


Screenshot_9 It’s so pretty I had to take a pic ~

Yeah, there’s nothing to do in the new update..I’m like mehh..

lol this is such a short post..


Street Style


 from left to right:     alondra988 // coolsara // unknown // unknown // meso12aa345

from left to right:     olafemina12 // sweetkitty2986 // yasminallam // alicecats // anan900
from left to right: anriela12 // ari6789 // kitcat240 //londentipton145 // mariam05011
from left to right: raani // sweetsugar420 // trangicecream

Prom 2015 | Part 1

The prom event it here! Looks like it’s gonna be a long event.Screenshot_10

Prom Royalty


Vote for your favourite MPC! I love Michelle’s prom look! You’ll receive stars for a vote. Come back every 15 minutes to vote again. I have a question, WHO is Victoria??

Limited Items

Wow two limited carts? Let’s take a look at the first one.


The items here are really amazing! You can purchase the first two with stars/gold and the third and fourth with gold. (The tab trick isn’t working) I would love to buy all the dresses here but the prices are just too high.(5,000 Gold for each dress)

Fantage did a great job on pixelling these items. Love the colour choices and the details of the dresses. Which of these are your favourites ? Mine’s are the second and the fourth :)


We don’t have prom in our country, so, do you graduate right after prom night? Just curious.. There are two more prom sets here. Love the dresses here too! I tried out some of the stuff here in photobooth and the face acc on the second set here is not on the correct position. Take a look:

Screenshot_18 I hope fantage fix it. The face acc is really cute though, it looks like you’re sticking your tongue out and blushing at the same time :3

You can also find the Graduation sets at photobooth!

Screenshot_19 Screenshot_20

Here’s some fantagian wearing the new limited items:

Screenshot_4 Screenshot_5  Screenshot_21lainelaine0713millie_1rocko606Screenshot_6

Hey! Do you know that drew4011 is now the 1st?

Well that’s it for Part 1 of this event!


Ruffled Skirt

So there are many variations of the Ruffled skirt. So many different coloured version. E.g. the blue one you find in Le Shop and these:

3 2

I like the black and gold one the best.

I don’t know if it was just me, but I found those skirts somehow hard to match with a top and make it look good. But then you know how there are quite a few crop tops around in Fantage lately…

Those matches well with these type of high waisted skirts.

So using my OOTD as an example:


It matches quite perfectly. Now the only other hard part is to match the colour scheme of the skirt. You’ll find that the black and gold one matches better with that top than the blue one, the purple one and the red one.

But of course matching the ruffled skirt with crop tops is one way. There are other tops that can match with the ruffled skirts. Like these 2 outfit for example: (from my side account and main account)


Though I do admit that the blue one and the black one is easier to match with tops than the others. But head out and try out different combos if you want keeping the tips in mind. The ones I posted above are outfit ideas. If you have both items, do ahead and put them together if you want. =D

But since we’re on the case of crop tops and high waisted bottoms, these shorts fits nicely with crop tops as well:

3 2


1 2

So yes, once again, remember to match the colours and it’ll look great. =)

I like the pairing with the blue shorts better. All I have to do is change the shoes because it doesn’t match very well.

Though matching colours are always important in any type of outfit. Unless you’re aiming to looking colourful…