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Hey guys, quick post. I just happened to earn another MyMall permission. So the things I’m selling:

BTW now that I can no longer re-coin, the blonde hair with green beanie is the last one I’m selling. Remember, it’s a limited item. ;)


Also if there is any ‘very rare’ items any of you want, I am willing to sell it for minimum price since you guys are fellow readers of this blog. Just tell me in the comments. I’m also willing to give other discounts if you ask. But only if it’s asked in the comments here.

This below is also on my want list:


So if any of you know the lowest price that can be sold I’m be very thankful to know!

Also if anyone is willing to sell, name the price in the comments. I’m a cheapskate so…



Hey, quick post.

This is my OOTD for the event:


It’s not all green and it’s not related to ‘lucky’ but I reckon the green and brown fits nicely together.

I had a different outfit the event for a while already so I decided to change it today.

When I went on today I got a free MyMall permission. So this is my kiosk:


I now have a new thing on my ‘want list’. This is it:

want list

I was wondering is any of you now the minimum price for this is to be sold at MyMall so that I will know if the amount I’m spending is worth it or not. The one I found was being sold for 9000 something gold and I don’t have that much gold.

Also if any of you have this and is willing to sell, then tell me and include the price you’re willing to sell. I don’t have too much gold on me so I will be very tight with how much I spend.


2015 St.Patrick’s Day!

St. Patrick’s Day is here!!! Look how green everything is!






The limited cart is located at uptown. Wow so much stuff here.



Green Fedora: 1,500 Gold ;3,000 Star

Brown Short Cut: 3,000 Gold ;6,000 Star

Buttondown with Suspenders: 2,000 Gold ;4,000 Star

Checkered Green Pants: 2,000 Gold ; 4,000 Star

Brown Flat Shoes: 1,200 Gold ;2,400 Star

Rainbow Clover Board: 4,000 Gold ;8,000 Star

In my opinion the hair and the shoes are not worth to buy, you can buy something similar to them in Le Shop for a more reasonable price and plus they are really plain looking. Delm everything is so expensive. I bought the top and the board and I’m broke now lol…



Parade is located at downtown during 4:00 PM FST. It was 4:00 a while ago and everyone freaked out and shouted for the parade but turns out it’s 4:00 AM FST LOL

So put on some greens and wait for the parade. I ain’t got time for that..


Inspiring Outfits 



Lace Bolero


It’s one of the new very rare items.

It is a hard item to match and style.

My tip for matching outfits with these?

  • Wear it with sleeveless elegant dresses.



  • If sleeveless is not a choice for you, having thin straps are fine. Or a one sided one is also ok:


  • As long as the sleeves are not covering the whole lace area.
  • It doesn’t match well with long sleeves since it is supposed to be a cover for your shoulders.

What style?

  • The more elegant or feminine style matches.
  • Casual and rock and those styles does not.
  • If you want to fit it with more casual like clothes, it could work. You just need to use feminine casual clothing + sleeveless. Or like I mentioned, singlets should be fine.
  • Though it does not fit with most singlets.

Since it’s a lace short sleeved ‘jacket’, it doesn’t only have to go with prom dresses and such. Examples:


Until next time.


Hey All!

I was meaning to do a fashion post yesterday but I couldn’t for a very legit reason: internet explorer was not working.

It seemed that every single thing including internet on my phone and such was working. All except internet explorer on my computer. So I couldn’t go online to Fantage and such. I would do one today but my friends are coming not too long from now to work on a school project.

So here I am with a short post!

I haven’t been on Fantage for a while (not allowed on, on weekdays) so I got a MyMall permission when I went on. Here are the items I am selling:


You can get these trendy items for the following price…

Cleopatra’s Shoes and Denim Skirt: 500 gold.

That’s right, I’m selling at minimum price. =D

Green Hat: 2500 gold.

Not the green hat though, sorry. Since it’s a limited hair and all, you can’t find it in the shops no more. =)

Another thing, if there is any, any very rare items that you want, they me and I’m willing to sell them at the minimum price: 500 gold. (very rare as in the red ruby ones)

Until the next post (hopefully it’ll be a fashion post), stay trendy!


Purple Turtle Neck | Styled it

Screenshot_1 Remember this piece of clothing they used to wear back in the 90’s? Well they are back in trend! Turtle neck are suitable for any season – pair it with a short during summer, or layered it with a jacket and scarf during winter. Here’s some of my ways to style a turtle neck.


Pair it with short, skirt, jeans, they pretty much looks great with every type of bottom. Wear a necklace or a scarf and you’re ready to go!



Wear high heels to look more classy. You can apply red lipstick for a more classy look.

Screenshot_6 Now you can look more like Marilyn Monroe :D

Here’s some outfits by fantagians:

kaizelle Screenshot_31 sister8341 (from left to right: kaizelle, 1mommy1973, sister8341)


New Outfits & Hairstyles!


Whoop whoop! New Outfits and Hairstyles are now available!

Screenshot_18 Screenshot_26

Gee.. the items are getting more expensive

My favourite item here is the purple turtle neck, what’s yours?


Hey, doesn’t these hairs looks cute? Wait till you try them.

Screenshot_21 Screenshot_22 Screenshot_23 The only item here that looks great is the bun bang hair. I hate the Gothic hair.. The momo top looks ok, but if i were to redesign it, I would make the braid longer. The thing on the hairs looks like a san-x character: tarepanda

It’s weird that not many fantagains are wearing the new items, Just take a look at this:


I mean normally people will wear them once the items are released.

Screenshot_29 Screenshot_30Screenshot_31

So that’s all for this update! Happy Chinese New Year to those who celebrate it ~


Hip Glasses

Lately on I have seen many Fantagians wear the Hip Glasses. Is it some small trend going on? Or was it just coincidence?

You can buy the Hip Glasses at Le Shop in the accessories section.


Since it’s black framed, it pretty much fits with everything. Though some outfits will obviously look better than others.

To start off, here are a few random fantagians that I saw in downtown. These are ones that matches well:

2 3  5 6 7  9   12  14

Fantagian: mac_n_cheese13, amcamc12, lolgirl200015, ella123maxwell, mandypanda2003, diana3340.  jenny199199,  miranda6068

Even though they match, you can still see the different degree of looking great to just good. My tip would be to not make your outfit too complicated.

These are some outfits that doesn’t match well:

13 11  8

I won’t name these 3 because I feel bad.

The frame is black with a spot of white. It’s eyewear. So like I said, the hip glasses matches everything, but your outfit still needs to match for your overall appearance to look good. You can’t just pop on the hip glasses and decide that you now look hip.

I would say that it will match whatever outfit as long as the outfit looks good. Though try not to make your outfit look crowded or else it’ll just look like you’re really messy because having the hip glasses on takes up some space.

This is a quick post, I apologies, hopefully I will come back with new inspirations and a much better post next time. I’m currently running a little low on fantagian fashion inspiration, that’s all. One day, a sudden wave of inspiration will surely overcome me. So meanwhile, study the outfits posted if you need to and enjoy!


Chocolate Factory Event 2015


Valentine event sure came early this year.This event is quite similar with the Halloween event last year (1), (2) A message with appear once you’re logged in. It shows you what team you’re in. GO MINT TEAM!


Make Chocolates!

Collect boxes Screenshot_14around Fantage. Once you have all the ingredients needed you can make those chocolates. Make as many as you can to help your team win! There’s prizes :)

Screenshot_3Screenshot_17 You’ll get a medal after making one.

Buy Limited items to have a higher chance of getting cocoa.



Hair: 3,000 Gold ; 6,000 Star

Shades: 1,100 Gold ; 2,200 Star

Wings: 2,000 Gold ; 4,000 Star

Dress: 4,000 Gold ; 8,000 Star

* A tip for members: Search mymall for the items above you may find a cheaper price !*


The prizes are absolutely amazing! There’s even a FGC board! I wanted those ice cream though ;v;

Screenshot_5 Screenshot_6 Screenshot_7 Screenshot_8

Valentine’s Card

You can customize and print them out.



Send gift to your friends! It cost 450 stars! Nonmembers can buy them too!


Yep that’s all for this event! Have a nice day~


Civic is back~

Hey guys! How’s it going? Did you guys get to meet Civic_Princess? Yea! She’s back! I saw her again today ^^

civic civic_2

By the way, do you guys know red_ninja? I think he’s civic_princess’s whun. Just look it up on youtube :) I saw red_ninja a few days ago before civic is back..


My mall related~

I just want to know if anyone of you had faced this problem: I wanted to buy an item from my side account but then it says that I can’t buy them.Does anyone know how to solve this?



If anyone is willing to sell it for a good price, please comment down below~