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Thank you Silver & Min for tagging me!

7 facts about me

1. I started playing Fantage during 2008.

2. I’m currently learning Japanese.

3. Interesting in Graphic design and is going to take up the course.

4. I don’t really have the time to post anymore 😦 I’ll going to be super inactive..just think that i’m on a super long hiatus.

5. I have a Line Play account! Add me if you have one too,here’s the code : ZL-9590-4004 (is more active there lool)


6.ermm..running low on Gold on Fantage? Zzz

7.Am hungry now ><

Okay so here’s 7 facts? I’m gonna break the rules by not tagging anyone sorry..Yea I don’t think I’ll be posting as much as I used to in the future, I will still be on, just not posting..Do add me on Line Play cus I’m more active there (and I need friends, I’m lonely sobs) hmm..

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Styling Limited St.Patrick’s Items

Hey there! So St.Patrick Day is like weeks ago but I still want to get this post out hahha I’m going to style the new St Patrick’s limited items~ so let’s get started!

Lucky Green Beret Hair

Looking forward to buy this hair when I first saw the ads for this event! But I didn’t expect that the hat would be a part of the hair 😦 With the lovely green beret, it gives a more elegant look to the hair. While styling with this hair, try to incorporate some green colours in your clothing, this is just to balance out your outfit. Tip: Lipsticks give a more elegant and classy touch to your outfit!







Shiny Green Shirt

Don’t you think this shirt looks super 90s? I’m going for a 90s look for this one.Wear those wide pants that looks super 90s with fun colours and patterns. You can find them in LeShop! Also wear hoop earrings to achieve the 90s vibe 🙂


Green Shade Skirt

Okay so this skirt is pretty hard to match with (other than green, st Patrick stuff). Here’s what I’ll always do, match it with black or white items then you’ll be fine 🙂 Besides that, you can match this skirt with pastel colours! I find that this shade of green matches well with pink! It’s great for Easter too ^^ Click here for easter outfit ideas!


Thanks for reading!

Sorry can’t really post much nowadays 😦

Happy belated St. Patricks Day and Happy Easter??



Strawberry Themed Rares


Hey there! Are you a sweet tooth or a strawberry lover? If yes then you’re going to love the new strawberry themed rare items! Let’s take a look~


Gem combination to get…

  • Fresh Strawberry Hairstyle – 3 Moonstones
  • Overflowing Strawberry Dress – 3 Black Diamonds
  • Strawberry Low Heels – 3 Rubies
  • White Cake Board – 3 Diamonds
  • Strawberry Hat – 3 Emeralds

The items looks cute if they are worn together, to me it looks like a strawberry themed wedding gown hahah..but if you were to wear it separately, it wouldn’t look as good.

My favourite item here is the White Cake Board. It’s great that there isn’t any toppings on it so that you can change the theme of the cake. It kinda makes your fantagian a cake topper.


The style of the hair isn’t appealing to me, well because it meant to look like dollops of cream..or an over perm pink sparkly hair, which doesn’t look as bad hahah. I do love the colours though!


Hmm it’s still a pretty hair, you can also wear PBH to hide the dollop shape. What do you think about the new rare items? Btw, how do you like the new theme Ou<

Thanks for reading!


Outfit Ideas for Summer Concert

Hello lovely people,

Today, I’ll be showing some outfits and giving some tips on what to wear to a summer concert or music festival~ Concerts or music festival are awesome to go to doesn’t matter what time of the year. Just imagine seeing your favourite artists or bands performing while singing your lungs out with thousand of other people.

These outfits are coachella inspired!



»Let down your hair or tie it into a ponytail or a braid! Hairs with hat are great too~



»Wear flowy top, crop top, or bohemian style tops.

»Here are some examples of top, you can find most of them in LeShop! Some are from recent events.



» Wear shorts, cute flowy skirt or maxi skirt.

»Some examples of bottoms,all of them are from LeShop except for black and white shorts. Maxi skirt with colourful patterns gives a bohemian look to your outfit~



» Wear sandals, or comfy boots~



» Wear bangles, dangle earrings or flower crowns to complete your look! Gold or white henna tattoos are the bomb but sadly these doesn’t exist on Fantage :’)



» Music theme, earthy, feathery board or magical looking boards like these suit the bohemian look we’re going for.



Have you been to a concert or music festival before? Share your experience! I personally have not been to one, but hopefully will in the future 🙂 Comment your favourites!


Thanks for reading!



Rebel Outfit Set

Out of the new shop items, my favourite was actually the non-member set. It’s my style and appeals to me. I bought the top, shoes, earrings, and board.

Here is my special featured outfit for you guys that I really like.


I look like the darker, maybe evil , more powerful rabbit from Alice in Wonderland.


I didn’t like the bottom or hair of the outfit.

  • Use hairs that either include purple (certain pink or blue could work as well) or keep it with neutral hair colours: black, white or brown.
  • A great bottom to match with the top is this one:


Here are my outfits:

1.outfit 32.outfitt.PNG3.outfit4.outfit 55.outfit2.PNG

6.outfit 67.outfit 7.PNG

Comment below your favourite outfit! Or do you like my featured outfit best? My favourite is no.2.


New Shop Items!

Hoi!(*cough* temmie* couch*) New shop items available now in Le Shop, Stella Salon and Loco Boardz! Let’s check them out~


Ahh so much colour it blinds my eyes~*-*~ well not really.. I’m really excited to style those long skirts. The colours on them seem like it’s a challenge for me.


I like the pixeling details on the hairs especially the brunette with cap one. The bangs of the peach one looks flat..it just doesnt look good ‘:I



wow look at the prices of these boards! It’s getting more expensive!! >< I really love the macaron board! They’re so cute and colourful~ Pixeling of rebellious board looks great! and perfect for Halloween ^^


Here’s how I style them:



Thanks for reading!



min11s14 | Fantagian’s Story

Chapter 1: Fantage ads

fantage-ad-1    Me and my friend, yumin41, discovered Fantage ad while watching youtube 🙂 Yumin41 suggested to play this awesome looking game, and I agreed. It was 2014/11/18.
We made a account, minyu14. But after making our OWN fantage user, minyu14 got abandoned (aw) yumin41 had a lot of school works to do, but not me. So I made ‘min11s14’ and that’s how I started Fantage 😀

Chapter 2: min11s14

스크린샷 2016-02-05 오전 10.25.30  I made lots of good friends, princessgirlfroz, autumnfalling, and more. (back in that day, I was so proud that I was level 1 rofl 😄) My hobby was to go to parties, try to remember the Fantage poses and to play games)

I named min11s14 because my family name is min, my real name starts with S and my birthday is 11/14 🙂

Chapter 3: Leveling up

스크린샷 2016-02-05 오전 10.30.51  I got jealous of people who had high levels of 64, 130, and more. So I started playing Fashion shows, games, and collecting rare items. I reached 50, 100 and higher.

Chapter 4: Events

스크린샷 2016-02-05 오전 10.32.29 Yes, events. My first event on Fantage was 2014 winter event, which was fun 😆 I bought the non member items with ecoins, and stuffs. (Oh I WAS SUCH A IDIOT) But soon, this thing called clubhouse appeared, and I noticed Fantage used more and more gold on events. I couldn’t see ecoins/stars on limited item anymore 😥

Chapter 5: Weebly

Yumin41 and I had a lot of fun making weebly websites (one of website is nameyourname.weebly.com) I didn’t know what credit is, and stuff 😅 Anyways, I decided to make Fantage weebly website, so my current website is Fantagepandies.weebly.com
I sometimes got comments from someone I didn’t knew, which was great. I really enjoyed it 😊

Chapter 6: Continue

I am still playing Fantage! 😙 And I will continue playing Fantage.. My level now in Fantage is 325, but I’m still a newbie who wants to make more friends 😉 Please say hi to me if you see me on Fantage!
Thank you very much for reading this, I really appreciate~
Thank you for your submission min!
Feel free to send me your stories, I’ll be happy to read them ^^
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