Scarves and Beanies

This time, it’ll be outfits using all the hairs with beanies and scarves I have in my inventory.

Note, for beanies, they’re purely just beanies, not hairs with hats or anything else. BTW if you haven’t noticed, I like hair with beanies so why not make a post on them? Besides, it is Winter here so beanies and scarves are very fitting. =D


z1 z3 z2z4


z1 z2 z3 z4 z5

I had 2 more scarves but I got them when I was a member so I can’t use them.

Which one from each section is your favourite? Which one is your favourite overall?

My favourite from the beanie section is the last one with the green beanie. My favourite from the scarves section is the first one with the cat ears.

My favourite overall is the third one in the scarves section with the blue scarf. =)


Cold Colours Fashion

This is post 2 out of 2 colours fashion post. This time, these outfit will be based on cold colours. They will be based on a colour and a style but won’t be solely only one colour or it won’t look as nice. Again like last time, these outfits are using only items from my inventory and are what is to my taste. Enjoy. =)













White and black aren’t exactly warm or cold colours, so I decided to include it in this post since it has less colours. In case you were wondering, these are the colour options you can see/find in the colours option bar in your inventory. I based these on those colours only. That’s why I didn’t add things like gold to the warm colours or aqua to the cold colours. But I did add in a bonus for this one: Grey.

For this post, my first place is white, second place is blue, third place is a tie between grey and the second green. Which of these outfits are your first, second and third place?


Warm Colours Fashion

This is the first post out of two colours fashion. This is basically where an outfit will be themed/based on one colour. But just because they’re based on one colour doesn’t mean the rule is solely one colour allowed. I made it so you can tell what colour it’s based on, but doesn’t solely use that one colour. These outfits will be warm colours! But there would also be a second theme the whole outfit is based on so that it isn’t just boring old colours. =)

This is only using items found in my inventory only. Plus these outfits are my taste, I thought it’d be fun to try these theme like things out, sorry if they’re no good. =P











There is only supposed to be one outfit each, but excuse red and pink. Think of them as a bonus…My favourite outfit here is the yellow one. Second place is brown. Third place is the first red one. What’s your first, second and third?


1 Week Special

Hey guys!

If you haven’t noticed, I haven’t posted in a while.

But now it’s the holidays for me, this means I have heaps of time to be able to post on here. My school studies, homework and other priorities like my other hobbies + my own blog and other social medias have been taking up all my time. And Fantage is now the bottom of my priority list meaning I don’t have much time to post on this blog.

That is my reason, I’m not going to make some lame excuse saying I didn’t have time to post, just that Fantage is not a priority and to make fantage fashion posts, I need to get on Fantage.

SO to make up for not posting much anymore, seeing this is the holidays, I am giving you guys a special 1 week long posting schedule!

I have just spent 4 hours making 9 posts (including this one) for you guys. I have scheduled them to come out at 12:00 everyday. So there will be posts by me coming out daily for a whole week. This post and the last post being plain ol’ notice posts.

But the 7 other posts, which is the actual special I have for you guys, will not be some boring OOTD posts.

Nah, they each have their own theme so I hope you enjoy them! A heads up, the posts are all fashion related so you get to see outfits in all of them, ranging from 3 outfits to 40 outfits all in one post!

Not only that, each post is made so that you all can participate and tell me your opinions. I’m always active and online so they will definitely be replied to within 24 hours. Your comments will definitely be seen and like always, I’ll be interested to see what you guys have to say about each posts that is scheduled to come. The first post of the specials will be up tomorrow.

Well, enjoy! =)


Adventures in wonderland | Part 2

Logged on to Fantage just now and found people wearing red..I don’t know what happened but I’m guessing there’s a protest or something, and that makes my browser lag and I had to close everything and restart again…sigh

Alrighty part 2 of adventures in wonderland!

Limited Cart

The part which excites me! Let’s see what they have.


Hey do you know that the tab trick work? You can buy the member pack with stars even though you’re a non member! I LOVE the white rabbit pack! Everything from head to toe is on point *insert ok hand emoji* Also I had to mention the mad hatter hat. Look how well-pixel it is, the shading and the colour combo is just stunning. Notice that the hat is a combination of hats ever appeared on Fantage eg: Pirate hat from latest limited cart, Pumpkin hat from last halloween event, lace bolero hat from Orion rares….

Memory Game


Cloud did a amazing tutorial on how to play this game. Click right here!

I’ll summarize here:

  1. Take out a piece of paper and a pencil.
  2. Click on the hint and jot it down.
  3. Keep clicking on the circles until you get the right code.

Easy peasy right? But talk about time consuming : /


Adventures in Wonderland!

Fantage have been reusing events over and over again, I do hope there is still a slight difference from the past. Let’s get right into it.

Event Info


Limited Items

Screenshot_25  FYI: The board is animated!

Hair: 2000 Gold/4000 Stars
Outfit: 3000 Gold/ 6000 Stars
Wand: 1000 Gold/ 2000 Stars
Board: 3000 Gold/6000 Stars

To wonderland!

Screenshot_26 Rabbit hole located at the forest.

Screenshot_28 Same ol’ transition..

Screenshot_29 Same ol’ wonderland…

Screenshot_27 Screenshot_30

I’m not going to spend my gold on those mushrooms, but one of it will make you tiny and the other one will make you huge.


Nothing to do here… we used to paint roses here..

I guess that’s it..but there’s still more to come. Stay tuned!


Going For That Goddess Style

I went ahead and spent thousands of ecoins today.

3750 ecoins for the Lotus Garden house.

800 ecoins for the IDfone wallpaper, the Spooky Bat one.

1000 ecoins for the IDfone skin, Leopard Print. <— I regret buying this one. I would choosing between Leopard Print and the galaxy one. Should of chosen the galaxy one because the leopard print doesn’t fit with the Spooky Bat wallpaper. Damn, there goes 1000 ecoins.

2000 ecoins for a the guru outfit in the level locked items place.


That’s my OOTD for the day.

Buying a whole costume with the traditional style would have been cheaper, but I decided to buy the outfit because this way, I’ll be able to match it with different hairs and shoes. And also add on accessories.

Sorry I haven’t been posting. I’m doing one more post today before probably not posting until the holidays because my tests/exams are coming up tomorrow.


Summer Camp 2015 |Part 2


I’m back with part 2 of summer camp 2015! Fantage released some new limited items, Fish Fish Booty and a user home for just a limited time! Let’s start.

Limited Items


No comment though, both sets are amazing. I’d buy the swimsuit from the snorkel set and the board from the pirate set.

Fantagian spotted wearing the new limited items:

Screenshot_7Screenshot_8allie12051 I’m curious though, where did she get those items!? The monkey (so cute!) and the banana throne board?

Here’s the secret!

It’s actually a new item from the Pm boutique (yea sobs) Take a look!

Screenshot_9 Screenshot_10 Screenshot_11 Screenshot_12

Thanks omgmiku for sharing!

Fish Fish Booty

You may notice this treasure chest icon on you left screen.Screenshot_1

It shows the amount of chest and key you get once catching a lobster in the game, Fish Fish.

It’s pretty hard tbh, you need to catch the lobster to get either a chest or if your lucky a key.

The key is pretty hard to get, but you can buy them for 200 gold. Just like the Christmas event last year.

Once you get a key and a chest you can unlock it! You can get 1000 Gold, Campfire Mallows, Gems, Lucky Bot couons, ccc Coupons, and stickers. Owh and also a medal!

*The campfire mallows looks like this Screenshot_6

Screenshot_3 This is what I got for my first unlock.



I thought we can buy it with ecoins like all the other houses..i’d buy it if its available to purchase with ecoins.. It’s cute though.


Summer Camp 2015!


Whoop-whoop! Summer Camp is now open! The camp site is located at the very right end of the forest. It’s the same from last two years except for one thing: No more fishing area?

Screenshot_6 Screenshot_7

I wonder if we can still roast marshmallows..

Screenshot_8 (Hi Fairypix!)

Nope xc

Let us look at the event info. Glad to see some new activities this year.


Pillow Fighter

The mini game is in the cabin. Click on the closet to play.


Basically all you have to do is click! The pillow will change it’s direction.


Limited Items


Sad to say but the cheat (if you know what i mean) wont work. Love all the items here, the panda set is really cute ><

The items are really affordable; 2000 Gold/4000 Stars for each hairs ; 1500 Gold/3000 Stars for each top and bottom ; 3,000 Gold/ 6000 Stars for each boards ; 1000 Gold/2,000 Stars for each shoes and 500-1500 Gold for each accessories

Btw i saw something weird..

Screenshot_14 Do you see it?

Screenshot_10 i’m like what…?!???!

Screenshot_11 Screenshot_12  Some other weird captions

That’s all for now, check back on June 4 for the rest of the activities.

Screenshot_16 Screenshot_17