Interested in reading fanfics?

This is a non fantage related post.

My friend just started using Wattpad and she published some stories there. I’m on a bet with her: if her stories get more than 10 views, she’s going to treat me hahahha XD

I was wondering if you all can help by reading her stories. Here’s the link. She writes about cute fanfics about a k-pop group, Vixx. If anyone knows them then YAYY YOU!! There’s a little special about her fanfics, instead of writing about those romance kind of fanfics, she writes about mini versions of them! And they are seriously cute! So if you’re interested please please click on the link above!

Update: here’s more! Link and link

We would really appreciate it! Thank you in advance <3



Gorgeous Blonde | Styled it

Screenshot_28  Gorgeous blonde is a prize item given during an event during December 2013. This hair may not look pretty compared to other limited hairs but hey, give it a try maybe you’ll like it! I’m starting to like this hair now. If i were to describe this hair, it would be free and chilly, or how i imagine Alaska, from the book “Looking for Alaska” by John Green, to look like. Ok, let’s get started!


Since this hair doesn’t have any accessories and white in colour, it’ll be easy to pair with. The top part of the hair can be a bit big, you can make it appear “smaller” by wearing accessories. 

Here’s some outfit ideas on casual wear. I absolutely love the rocker theme (first and second pic) with this hair!

Screenshot_4 Screenshot_6 Screenshot_5 Screenshot_9 Screenshot_8 Screenshot_7

This hair is also perfect for winter! Wear it with comfy sweaters and hats. Reindeer ears or elf hats makes it more festive~ I also have some for spring. I think flower crowns or ribbons looks cute with this hair~

Screenshot_11 Screenshot_12 Screenshot_10 Screenshot_15 Screenshot_16 Screenshot_14

Thank you caroline1166 for suggesting!


Treasure Hunter is updated!


OOhhhh I’ve been waiting for this for so long! Tbh, I’m only excited about the limited items!

But first, let me show you the new puzzle they added for non-members.


I tried playing it but I still have no idea how, well no worries! Memepony is doing tutorials on these puzzles:

Fantage included new prizes too!


Limited Items


Hair: 2,000 Gold ; 4,000 Stars

Shirt: 1,500 Gold ; 3,000 Stars

Pants: 1,500 Gold ; 3,000 Stars

Shoes: 400 Gold ; 800 Stars

Total: 5,600 Gold ; 10,800 Stars

Screenshot_19 I’m in love with the hair *v* It somehow reminds me of Mariah Carey~ I really love how flowy the hair is. The items are well shaded too! I wish that they separate the hat from the hair :c Just imagine how many outfits it’ll go with the hair //cries.. But overall, the items are really nice! <3

Some styling ideas:

Screenshot_27 Screenshot_23 Screenshot_24 Screenshot_25 Screenshot_26


Fantage Bloggers Secret Santa


I actually thought about doing this last night hahah
Come join!

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So, I have this idea of doing a Secret Santa for the WordPress community :)

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How will this work?

If you want to join, I’ll email you you someone in our blogging family, their blog, and email (for gifts).

When you get assigned someone, you’ll comment stuff on their blog (using an alternate email so they don’t know who it is) with the name “Secret Santa” OR email them using an alternate email and try to get to know them better and maybe even become good friends with them! Make them feel loved ♥

On Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, you’ll tell them who you are and give them their gift ♥

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What do you mean by gift?

You can give your assigned blogger any amount of gifts you want (be sure to have at least one by December 24!). Your gift can be a drawing, a header, an icon for their…

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Alexisroses here, blogging about how cute the new items are! Fantage recently added new LeShop, Stellar Salon, and Loco Board items and personally, I think each and every one of them are to die for. You can see the released items down in Minitricia’s post :) Here my favorite OOTD from the new release:


I really like the Trench Coat because it looks really elegant, upscale, and sophisticated. Paired with the Retro Hair, it gives the look a “high-class undercover”  agent look and I found these shoes at MyMall for 12k and I LOVE the little blue gem because it makes the shoes pop. The blue bag was paired with the shoes for the outfit’s completion.

see you on fantage!


Distressed Jeans OOTD

My favourite new item is the Distressed Jeans. It fits very nicely with a lot of items. So here’s an OOTD with the Distressed Jeans:


It’s not the best match colour wise, but I quite like the ‘cool’ and ‘casual’ style of this outfit.


New shop items!



Fantage released some new shop items, lets take a look shall we?


Ohhh I like the trench coat and traveler’s jacket! I’m don’t really like the hairs though, but the hat on the second hair is nice! I’d buy that if fantage make it an acc..Fantage should make it a separate!! cries.. The pants with flannel shirt is nice too! But it would be better if they change the colour a bit..


The boards are ok. I like spotlight wall but i do think it’s a little big and might block people hahah. The fallen leaves board doesn’t look like there’s any leaves on the ground, it’s like dirt to me..Also talk about the price! It’s super expensive! 6000 for a shop board!? Fantage keep increasing the price ughh…

Screenshot_46 Screenshot_3 Screenshot_49 Screenshot_52 Screenshot_47

Screenshot_1 Screenshot_50 Screenshot_2 Screenshot_51 Screenshot_48

What do you think of the new items?

Goshh… My exam started a few days ago, now I’m having a one week holiday which is good because I can still revise for the next paper ;-; I still have six more papers to go sobs


Introducing Alexisroses/Acropolis (New Author)

My name is Alexisroses and I’m a new author on Fashionable Fantagian. I’m so ecstatic to be working with Minitricia and SindyBlue and I will contribute a lot to this community. My blogging style includes OOTDs, Styling Items, Event Outfits, and any other fashion and current event news that Fantage has to offer.You can see more of my blogging style on my own blog: if you would like to see more of my blogging style. If you see me on Fantage, don’t be shy and say hi! I really hope that everyone welcomes me and once again, I thank you for accepting me. Here are some of my favorite OOTDs. 


xoxo alexis/acropolis