Ending Outfit

Yesterday’s post ends my one week, daily posts special. =)

Just a heads up, I probably won’t be posting for a while again after this. I hoped you enjoy this full week of scheduled posts. Tell me which posts you liked and which you didn’t. This way, next time I make posts, I will know which ones to make more of!

Comment below your favourite type of post you saw this week.

Or you can even comment below types of posts you would like to see.

My school life and other priorities are getting busier so it can’t really be helped. Fantage is no longer anywhere on the priority list haha.

I thought I should end these week long posts with a reflection, but why not also end these fashion posts with an outfit?

Ending this post with an outfit:


Just a casual one. Nothing special, nothing amazing.

In case you were wondering, I made/typed up and scheduled all these posts in one day. On Saturday, the day I told you guys about this daily week long posts. It took me almost 4 hours so I hope you liked them. =)


Wear or Tear

Note: this is the last special post of the lot. ^_^

I remember I did this post once before. But that post used an outfit already made in Le Shop so it was nothing special. This time though, I’ve put an outfit together and it’s up to you to choose what you think of it.

Would you wear it?

Or not?

Again, using only items found in my inventory. Most these items can also be found in shops in Fantage. So shops like: Le Shop, Stellar Salon and Board Shop. If not found in shops, it will say so.

There will be 3 outfits. They will be some pretty simple ones. =)

So here it is, first up:

A casual ‘cool’ Outfit


Click image to enlarge.

Coming second:

A casual Summer outfit.


And lastly:

A simple, nice, cute outfit.


So which one of them would you wear and which ones would you not? Would you wear the all or scrap them all?

On Fantage I would wear the first and third and in real life I would wear the first and second. The second one is too plain for Fantage, the third one is too not my style for real life. Clearly my favourite is the first one. =)

The 4 Seasons

Here’s an outfit for each season. I also tried to reflect the season in the outfits. Tell me what your favourite season is and if the outfit in that season is your favourite or not. If not, comment your favourite season outfit. ^_^









My favourite season is Autumn or Spring because it’s not too cold or too hot. I like it best when it’s just right. My favourite outfit here is probably Autumn. Spring is second (because I wouldn’t wear a cow shirt in real life), Winter third and Summer last. Even though I like Summer much better than Winter, I wouldn’t wear that type of singlet in real life. A different singlet would be fine though. =)


Rockin’ Those Sunglasses/Glasses

Here are outfits with eyewear! Each outfit will be wearing a different sunglasses or glasses so they won’t be repeated. =) The eyewear used will only be the ones found in my inventory. I will use every single one of them.

There sure are some pretty wacky ones…enjoy the range of different outfits. =)

z1 z2 z3 z4 z5 z6 z7 z8 z9 z10 z11 z12 z13 z14 z16z15z17

17 in total! My favourite one is the first outfit. Second place is the one with the chocolate glasses. There are 3 third place winners: the 4th one, the 5th one and the one with the green eyewear with a green flower in the golden hair.

Special mention to the outfit next to the hamster board. The one with the blue fancy eyewear and outfit.

Which ones are your favourites?


Which Do You Prefer

This is a post where you pick 1 or 2. There will be two sections of a few outfits. There will be a Costume section, and an Outfit section. Comment which you prefer. =)

This isn’t exactly a fashion post, but I like to think it’s somehow fashion related because you get to see a range of costumes. You will be able to see 40 different outfits and costumes! This sure took a very long time.

Enjoy the 20 questions!


1. Do you prefer to be a pixie or a warrior?

w2 w1

2. Which type of ghost do you prefer to look like?

w3 w4

3. Do you prefer to be a rabbit or a skeleton?

w5 w6

4. Would you prefer to fly in a spaceship or a hot air balloon?

w9 w10

5. Would you prefer to work really hard and make lots of money or take things easy and earn an average amount?

w11 w12

6. Would you prefer to be able to turn invisible or fly?

w7 w8

7. Would you prefer to be a dancer or a hang glider?

w13 w14

8. Would you rather get stuck in an ice cube or the past for a whole week?

w15 w17

9. Which do you prefer to look like?

w18 w16

Alright here is what I prefer: warrior (but pixie isn’t bad either), type 1, skeleton (rabbit’s not bad either but the idea of being a skeleton is more human like haha), spaceship, take things easy and earn an average amount, fly, hang glider, the past, I would prefer to look like the second one.

For the outfits section I will also be using the same boards for everything, I’ll also use the same shoes and hair for everything.


1. Which warrior outfit would you prefer to wear?

o1 o2

2. Would you prefer to be a gymnast or a swimmer?

z1 z2

3. Would you prefer to be a princess or a mermaid?

z3 z4

4. Which armour would you prefer to wear?

z1 z2

5. Would you prefer to be a snowman or Santa?

z3 z4

5. Do you prefer to wear a comfy and simple dress or an extravagant and complicated dress?

z1 z2

6. Which type of genie outfit do you prefer?

z1 z2

7. Would you prefer to be a dinosaur or a cat?

z5 z6

8. Would you prefer to be an artist or a cyclist?

z1 z2

9. Would you prefer to be a wizard or a normal human being?

z5 z1

10. Would you prefer to wear a casual styled dress or a pretty special occasion dress?


11. Would you prefer to wear shirts and shorts or a dress?

z6 z2

Now for my answers: I would prefer the first warrior outfit, gymnast, princess, I really don’t like either armour, Santa (because I get to ride a sleigh), simple dress, second genie outfit, cat, cyclist, wizard, casual styled dress, shirts and shorts.

COMMENT YOUR PREFERENCES! It’ll be interesting to see what everybody’s answers are.


Scarves and Beanies

This time, it’ll be outfits using all the hairs with beanies and scarves I have in my inventory.

Note, for beanies, they’re purely just beanies, not hairs with hats or anything else. BTW if you haven’t noticed, I like hair with beanies so why not make a post on them? Besides, it is Winter here so beanies and scarves are very fitting. =D


z1 z3 z2z4


z1 z2 z3 z4 z5

I had 2 more scarves but I got them when I was a member so I can’t use them.

Which one from each section is your favourite? Which one is your favourite overall?

My favourite from the beanie section is the last one with the green beanie. My favourite from the scarves section is the first one with the cat ears.

My favourite overall is the third one in the scarves section with the blue scarf. =)


Cold Colours Fashion

This is post 2 out of 2 colours fashion post. This time, these outfit will be based on cold colours. They will be based on a colour and a style but won’t be solely only one colour or it won’t look as nice. Again like last time, these outfits are using only items from my inventory and are what is to my taste. Enjoy. =)













White and black aren’t exactly warm or cold colours, so I decided to include it in this post since it has less colours. In case you were wondering, these are the colour options you can see/find in the colours option bar in your inventory. I based these on those colours only. That’s why I didn’t add things like gold to the warm colours or aqua to the cold colours. But I did add in a bonus for this one: Grey.

For this post, my first place is white, second place is blue, third place is a tie between grey and the second green. Which of these outfits are your first, second and third place?


Warm Colours Fashion

This is the first post out of two colours fashion. This is basically where an outfit will be themed/based on one colour. But just because they’re based on one colour doesn’t mean the rule is solely one colour allowed. I made it so you can tell what colour it’s based on, but doesn’t solely use that one colour. These outfits will be warm colours! But there would also be a second theme the whole outfit is based on so that it isn’t just boring old colours. =)

This is only using items found in my inventory only. Plus these outfits are my taste, I thought it’d be fun to try these theme like things out, sorry if they’re no good. =P











There is only supposed to be one outfit each, but excuse red and pink. Think of them as a bonus…My favourite outfit here is the yellow one. Second place is brown. Third place is the first red one. What’s your first, second and third?


1 Week Special

Hey guys!

If you haven’t noticed, I haven’t posted in a while.

But now it’s the holidays for me, this means I have heaps of time to be able to post on here. My school studies, homework and other priorities like my other hobbies + my own blog and other social medias have been taking up all my time. And Fantage is now the bottom of my priority list meaning I don’t have much time to post on this blog.

That is my reason, I’m not going to make some lame excuse saying I didn’t have time to post, just that Fantage is not a priority and to make fantage fashion posts, I need to get on Fantage.

SO to make up for not posting much anymore, seeing this is the holidays, I am giving you guys a special 1 week long posting schedule!

I have just spent 4 hours making 9 posts (including this one) for you guys. I have scheduled them to come out at 12:00 everyday. So there will be posts by me coming out daily for a whole week. This post and the last post being plain ol’ notice posts.

But the 7 other posts, which is the actual special I have for you guys, will not be some boring OOTD posts.

Nah, they each have their own theme so I hope you enjoy them! A heads up, the posts are all fashion related so you get to see outfits in all of them, ranging from 3 outfits to 40 outfits all in one post!

Not only that, each post is made so that you all can participate and tell me your opinions. I’m always active and online so they will definitely be replied to within 24 hours. Your comments will definitely be seen and like always, I’ll be interested to see what you guys have to say about each posts that is scheduled to come. The first post of the specials will be up tomorrow.

Well, enjoy! =)