Crop top | Styled it

Screenshot_crop  Crop tops have been everywhere this season. There are all sorts of different kinds of crop tops, my personnel favorites are those flowy type. A crop top doesn’t automatically mean a bared bellybutton, there are plenty of ways to style it. You can find the item above in LeShop.

1) High Waist Pants/ Skirts

If you don’t want your bellybutton showing, put on high waist pants or skirts.

Screenshot_1 Screenshot_4 Screenshot_5 Screenshot_6 Screenshot_7 Screenshot_8

2) Long Pants/Jeans or skirts

Jeans! Everything matches with jeans!

Screenshot_9 Screenshot_11 Screenshot_13

3) Shorts

You can also pair it with shorts but I don’t recommend really short shorts like the black n white shorts cus it’s a little too revealing.

Screenshot_10 Screenshot_12

Here’s how I’d style it:
Screenshot_14 Screenshot_17 Screenshot_18 Screenshot_19




Just decided to put this fact out there. =)

If you want to negotiate the price for PB hat tell me.

And here’s a nice matching outfit of a random fantagian I found:

nice outfit


Fantage Club House


Ohh yes! The club house is here! It is located at the school, where Zach’s acting academy used to be.. What happen to zack…lol


My first impression for the club house is “wow” I love how it looks inside..looks cozy :) Click on the club list button to view more clubs!



They have plenty of clubs to choose from.. I’m just going to choose music for now. Click on the forum button to get started!


Ahh omg! Fall out boy and 5SOS !! I love their songs!!! Any FOB fans here? ( #np Just one yesterday )

Okay, you can chat with people, post a new forum here.


FYI, click on the door on the left to exit.

Screenshot_11 (it took me a moment to figure out where the exit is..)

In my opinion, I like the whole club house idea.. At least it’s not a useless place (like Zach’s acting academy)..

QOTD: What do you think about the club house? Which is your favorite club?


Fantage Updates

1. Club House


Club house is coming to Fantage very soon! It’ll be on the 20/11. For me, 2 hours left! We can share interests, memories, thoughts and images with other fantagians at the club house. There will  be variety of clubs for us to visit. We can post or  comment on forums too. I wonder what kind of clubs they have…

2. Thanksgiving Event


Yes! Finally a thanksgiving event coming soon to Fantage on 21/11.They have a new board game called “Pilgrim Adventure” and I guess we have to collect thanksgiving set items? Welp, I’m really excited about this upcoming event!


Just My Luck

Remember this hair that I really wanted:

want this

Well I decided that I would never get that because my luck isn’t that good. So I found a cheap one and bought it with gold at My Mall. It should be last week.

But then today, I got 3 CCC coupons and on the first go, this hair was on there and I was thinking I don’t need to get it anymore because I already have it. Then I had a thought that I would be so mad if I get it because I already spent gold on it. And I thought it would be funny as well.

Then guess what?

Yeah, I actually got it! No it was not funny. The fact that I got it may be funny, but I was just annoyed. Why does this always happen to me? Seriously, I get something great and I’m happy and then something else happens too soon and ruins it.

So if anyone wants to buy this hair, tell me and I’m willing to sell it for 1500 gold. I don’t have a My Mall permission, so I will sell it when I earn a free permission. But if you want it, you can comment below so I know to tell you when I’m selling it.

Same goes for PB Hat, I mentioned it before, if you want it, tell me. And for members, I have many limited items I’m willing to sell.



Love the hair.

The winning hair from my previous post is Electric Blue with 4 votes and Hot Pink Ponytail comes runner up with 3 votes.

2 1

These hair are no longer being sold in the shops. If anyone wants to buy these, I can sell them with gold, but I’ll have to recoin them first and then sell it. But I’ll have to make it so that I get back the money I lost. Also once I’ve recoined it for you, don’t back out on the buying because then I would have wasted the money and I won’t trust you again, sorry. Just a note.


Home, Sweet Home

Fantage just released new items to the furniture catalog.

TBH the whole “home, sweet home” theme just doesn’t make sense to me. When I think of home, sweet home, I think of warm, comfort, sweater.. but the items they had released is Luxury. They should have just title it “Luxurious” or something.


Let’s see what they have.


Yay, new stuff for nons~ These items are quite expensive but why not spend your stars on these when Fantage sells other stuff with Gold? I just realizes that the only items we can buy with stars are the items from shops..

Screenshot_13Screenshot_9 Okay more items for nons !  I love the Hydrangea decoration~


Yep you’re right, you can only buy these cars with Gold, each of them costs 20,000 Gold.

Well if you’re planning to buy them, then don’t. Look at what they wrote above, ” Purchase these luxury SUPERCARS and place in your home.”

Who would want to spend 20,000 Gold on a outside decoration.. It’s not like we can use it like a board.Screenshot_6  Looks familiar?

Well this is a great update for least Clara won’t be that lonely as before.



I’m really pissed at this one thing Fantage did. The item for the Cosmic Bingo is no longer for non member. All the hard work!! GONE!

When I logged on Fantage today, I was told that I’ve receive the prize from Cosmic Bingo. When I went to my inventory to try it out the prize is transparent (which means it not available for nons )

Screenshot_15 Screenshot_16

Like come on just look at these prizes coming out for the next cosmic bingo! They are amazing! well except for the shoe.. the board is soo pretty!!

Screenshot_17 Screenshot_18 Screenshot_19 Screenshot_20

I actually went to try out these items in the photo booth but there’s a glitch.

Screenshot_21 lol I’m naked and floating on midair.

Yea..I’m really disappointed and pissed at the same time. This is like my only chance on getting new and free items on Fantage…I really hope this is just some glitch and Fantage will fix it up asap.


Hair Category

The winner from last time:


Today’s vote:

1 2 3

How did I group these hair? Well, all of these are no longer being sold in the shops (well at least I couldn’t find them) but are still being sold at their reasonably cheap price that ranges from 700-800 ecoins/stars. Which hair do you like best?

The reason I could get this was because I had the starred version in my inventory from when I bought them as a member. I checked in the shops and I couldn’t find them so I went to click to buy it with ecoins and that was how in case you were wondering.



I bought this hair on Friday.  I’ve always liked it and why not? After all I’m going on an ecoins spending spree until I have not enough left. This hair also used to be in the shops and I can’t find it anymore. So it’s no longer in the shops. But instead of being those cheap ones above, this one was 1,900. Not so cheap at all.

So this hair I’m currently wearing is limited. If there is any members who wants to buy the starred version, feel free to tell me. Or if you want to buy the coined version, I can buy another from the starred one I have in my inventory, but you would need to pay more than the original cost (not too much more) because I’ll need to earn a little profit plus My Mall has Tax so…

I was selling that in my kiosk yesterday from the free permission, it’s up now but yeah. Another thing I’m selling is PB hat. I’m willing to sell it for 5500. But if any one wants to buy it for a cheaper price, you can negotiate with me. But currently I don’t have a My Mall permission, so selling it will have to wait until next time.

Since we’re on the subject and category, just another call, if anyone is willing to sell this hair displayed below at the minimum price, feel free to tell me because I will seriously consider buying it for real. There is about a 90% chance I will buy it if I have enough money and it is sold at the minimum price. The other 30% is either if I’ve changed my mind after another look or if I found something that I feel is more worth buying.


But I need the ecoined version. What is the minimum price for that anyone knows?


Kiosk 8F – 4

Thanks goodness Fantage is still giving out mymall permissions! My kiosk is 8F- 4.


I’m selling Pink shorts w/ leggings for 2000 gold

Bright pink bandana for 500 gold

Asymmetrical peach shirt for 2000 gold