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  1. New page published – Styled it
  2. Sorry I haven’t been posting much here, if you have any request on how to match a certain item, feel free to comment on any of my posts to tell me. Or email me (sindyblue10@gmail.com). ~sindyblue10~
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Non Member Outfits

Here are some non member outfits you can try out!

  • Hair and yellow hair clip can be bought at Stellar Salon for cheap prices.
  • Tops and bottoms can be bought at Le Shop.
  • Everyone should have started Fantage with the black sandals so you most likely should still have them.
  • The black board is from the Fashion Show Starter Pack for non members.




Simple but looks great nonetheless.

Check out the Non Member Fashions page under the Fashion Tips page for more non member outfits.


Back 2 School Event 2014


1. Limited Items

The first set requires Gold if you were to purchase the items. The second set is for members. You can buy the items with stars or Gold.

lim1 lim2

To be honest I don’t really like the items here.

2. New game! Book it or Bucket!

I recommend going on to a fuller server to play.The game is located at the gym.

sig  Click on the sign to play the game.

First,you will be given 5 pencils everyday during the event. You will also receive free pencils everyday: members will receive 5 pencils and basic members will receive 3  pencils.

How to play:

You can start by creating a room or just simply click on the ‘quick start’ button to join the game. 1 pencil will be needed for 1 game.




If you choose to create a room, you’ll need to choose a category. The music and movies/ TV category need Gold though..


If you answer correctly, your avatar will move up, but if you answer incorrectly, you get the bucket xD


Screenshot_4 The bucket of shame lol

Once the game ended, you’ll be given a medal !


And also prizes! Premium members will get 2 of them.




Styling Tip

Don’t know how to style this hair?


Well I have some tips.

  1. Try wearing bright green tops with the hair.
  2. As for the bottoms, wear ones that would match the top and it should be fine.



They may not look the best, but they work you know. =) If you have any other better ideas for an outfit with this hair, free feel to comment me a link to a snap shot of it or email it to me at sindyblue10@gmail.com. If I find it works, I’ll post it for all to see. After all, this blog is to help others with fashion on Fantage.

My OOTD and favourite outfit with that hair?



Non Member Outfits

Here is 3 outfits everyone can try out. All the items are from the stores!


But I don’t think you can get the top of the second picture in Le Shop anymore. But if you’ve been on Fantage for a while, you might have that top in your inventory. =)

See how nice and simple can look really nice sometimes. Which outfit do you like best?

My OOTD for today:


This is a mix of member and non member items. The hair needs to use gems to unlock, the skirt is no longer sold in store. The rest can be found in store. If you know the cheat for getting the top and board for free, then non members should have them too. I don’t know if the ‘glitch’ still works though. But click here anyway if you want to try it out just in case.

My extra/side account’s OOTD:


In fact it’s been like this for a while. But this combination gives a really ‘popular girl’ or refreshing feel.


Styled it | JW Hair

jwJW Hair is a vintage item that was released on July 2009. This hair can be matched with almost everything, since its a simple hair and no it does not have huge accessories. I love the gold headband that goes with the hair, it gives a little colour and details to the outfit your wearing.


The Golden Days

I always love the style of vintage clothing.Maybe it’s more normal looking and simple compare to now. It always reminds me of the vintage era, where everything is in peace, happy and fun.

Anyways, here’s how I would style it.



Casual everyday

A simple t-shirt and shorts will do. Something that you’ll wear for shopping or just a walk in a park.

jw 2



Fancy Shmancy

It’s also appropriate for prom or a special occasion like Christmas or a party.

jw 3

Thanks RawrThoseCookies for suggesting.



I saw you yesterday, unexpectedly,

standing by the gate, waiting.

I watched you as I crossed,

roads full of cars, buses and vans.

Maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m not,

I saw you, looking at me.

My heart’s beating fast,

as I walked past by you,

feeling so shy yet awkward too.

Not knowing whether you remember me,

but deep in my heart, I know I’ll remember you.



Not a fantage related post. I wanted to share this poem I came up with. I’m really new to this, so this may not be a really good poem. Criticism is allowed. I’m also happy to receive some tips on writing a  poem .

I don’t really want to mixed my random non- fantage related post with this blog so, I’ve made a tumblr. Click here. If you have a tumblr, feel free to comment it down below :)

From the poem above, I guess you know what it’s about. I don’t think I need to explain it? Well, I’m not saying you can’t ask,so if you do have,feel free to comment it below.


Cuteness Overloaded

Since I had nothing to do during this school holiday, I decided to watch some movies that came out ages ago..

I watched Cloudy with a chance of meatball 2 (I’m so late) and it is amazing!

I’m literally squealing throughout the whole movie because why? EVERYTHING IS SO FREAKING CUTEEE! *squeals*

*Spoiler alert*

My favorite part is when the marshmallow “eats” Flint up ( to help him float ) when he fell down the crystal tower thingy. This may sound weird ,you have to watch the movie  to know what I’m saying here (if you haven’t)  lol Sorry I can’t find the scene..

And look how cute these marshmallows are~

images (1) images awwww

oh and if you wanna watch movies for free go to megashare.info they have tons of movies.

Kay, I’m gonna watch Catching fire now so bye :3