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  2. Sorry I haven’t been posting much here, if you have any request on how to match a certain item, feel free to comment on any of my posts to tell me. Or email me (sindyblue10@gmail.com). ~sindyblue10~
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Shopping spree

Fantage finally released new stuff! And the best part of this is you can get it for free! Head to FantageSpy now to know how to do it~

I went crazy and bought everything.. I have to say every new item is amazing, even the non member hair. My favorite set is the one with the blue hair. What’s yours?

Here’s how I would style them~

a b c d e f



Holiday Outfits

Here’s a quick show and summary of my OOTD’s for this recent term.

ootd mineotdootd ssflashyootdootdootdeaster ootfgiftootdootdootdootdpromootdahaootd

I actually have no idea how many outfit of the days I did this term. So here is a jumble of outfits. Different OOTD’s I have done for normal days or events.

I know I haven’t posted much so hopefully this will last a while. It’s the holidays, so I’m hoping to slack off. Though I’ll still post once in a while since school is super busy.

I will be taking any requests. Requests as in if you need help to match a certain item. Just email me at sindyblue10@gmail.com with a picture of the item you need help with. If I can find it, then I’ll help. If I can’t find the item in Fantage to wear, I’m sorry, I won’t be able to help you. Enjoy. =)


Shop Styles (c) Issue #3

Fashionable Fantaigan’s guide to items found in the shop.

Today’s Shop Style item will be Brown Locks.


You can buy this hair at Stellar Salon for 300 stars.

I bought this hair because it looked nice, natural, and simple. It looked like it can fit with many things.

Here are styles that this hair could match well with:

Light Colours

The hair matches nicely with light or pale colours. Example:


Casual, Comfy Clothing

Outfits that are just for ‘staying home’ or for a nice stroll in Fantage will fit well with this style of hair. Example:



This hair fits with almost any tops. Though the bottoms/pants are a bit harder to match. It shouldn’t be hard matching outfits with this hair. Below consists of outfits that has mainly light/pale colours, casual styles, comfortable/normal styles. The ones I mentioned above.


Fashion Shows

This hair will do great in fashion shows. Even though it’s not fully brown. I reckon it would be better to find a hair fully brown, but this won’t make much of a difference. The name is Brown Locks so obviously in the fashion show, this is registered as brown. It will get you great points if you match it with great brown outfits. It might pass up as ‘earthy’ as well. But there are much better hairs for that I think. Example for ‘brown’:


Do something like that and pop on any brown accessories you have and you’ll bound to score a perfect to super-perfect.

Here are what doesn’t match well with the hair, in other words, do not’s.

Colour Match

Don’t match this hair with a fully brown outfit. It will look really boring and plain. You’ll look like the trunk of a tree. For example, see the ‘brown’ fashion show outfit above. It’s not a look that you’ll like to wear around to look whatever society calls pretty, cute, great.

Nature Style

Don’t match this hair with green and brown. Again like mentioned above, you’ll look boring and plain. This time, you’ll look like a tree instead. I know nature styles can look really nice, but unless you have these really nice looking nature like items (mainly only members can get their hands on them), I suggest to not wear green and brown with this hair. Example:

nature girl - dont

It looks a bit under OK.

Dark Colours

It doesn’t match with dark colours as great as it does with light colours. Example:


It works, but not as good.

Now let’s move on to talking about accessories.


You can mix and match them yourself. Try it out with what looks good with the outfits and still fits with hair above.

Hair Accessories

If you want to wear hair accessories, wear smaller ones that only covers some part of the top half of the hair. Like this:


Don’t wear ones that covers almost all your head/hair. It blocks off the 2 ponytails on the sides, and the curls, which are the designs for this hair that makes it look nice. Example:

4 <<<—– Don’t hair acc. like these.

My favourite outfit with this hair? This, which has become the OOTD for today:


What’s your favourite outfit/style of the Brown Locks? Was this issue helpful?

That’s it for issue #2 of Shop Styles.


Shop Styles (c) Issue #2

Fashionable Fantaigan’s guide to items found in the shop.

Today’s Shop Style item will be Modern Cut.


You can buy this hair at Stellar Salon for 85 stars.

I bought this hair because of the unique colour. To me, the colour looks green. This hair can be difficult to match, but when you match it right, it actually looks pretty nice.

Here are styles that this hair could match well with:

Picnic Style

The type of outfits that this hair match well with is the ‘picnic style’. For example:


This outfit (from the daily spin) matches really well with the hair. Making it look nice and light. Pair this with a simple single coloured board and plain shoes. You can add accessories to the hair if you want, flower accessories would fit in best. But I prefer it if it’s more plain.

Pale Colours

The hair matches best with pale or lighter colours. A few examples:


Here are what doesn’t match well with the hair, in other words, do not’s.

Fashion Shows

If you can, try not to use this hair for fashion shows. The colour may be green, but the colours doesn’t look ‘exact’ enough. If you have other ‘greener’ hair, I suggest you use those instead. There are other green coloured hairs in the shops.

Colour Match

Don’t match the hair with a fully green outfit or green clothes in general. It’s fine if there are just some green in there, but if you fully match it with green, it looks too plain. Boring even. Like this:


I agree it does match, but it looks too plain. And it doesn’t look as nice or fits together as much either.

Dark Colours

Don’t match the hair with dark coloured clothes. Including black. I know black is supposed to fit everything. And it does. See:

most fit

But it doesn’t match as well as it does with pale colours. I always use this outfit because this outfit can actually match with every hair. Well it can as far as I know. So a do would be, if you can’t match a hair with anything, try this outfit. But the top isn’t really non-member, so for a lot of you, this could be out of the question.

So try to avoid using dark colours to match this hair with. Trust me, it doesn’t look nearly as nice as pale colours. See:

dark wont fit compared to ss21

Like my previous Shop Styles post, don’t wear any ‘big’ clothes with this hair. Because a short, small hair like this won’t fit well with baggy clothes because it makes your body look too big compared to your head.

My favourite outfit with this hair? This, which has become the OOTD for today:

ootd ss

What’s your favourite outfit/style of the Modern Cut?

That’s it for issue #2 of Shop Styles.


Pokemon Outfits

Hey guys,
So sorry I haven’t been posting lately. I had been decked full of homework and tests. But that phase is finally blowing over! Yes of course I still have work to do. But it’s not packed anymore and it’s nothing I can’t handle.

This is not just an excuse, I’ll be honest and say I have been on social media, posting on my own blog, and other things, but I hope you understand. =)

So I was going over my folder of fantage pictures quickly and I found these:


I remember saving this into my file (found on google images, belongs to it’s rightful owner, not mine) because I saw it and thought it was cool.


Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I got nominated by ღ__tay__ღ for this Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Thanks!

Btw ..May I know who started this? lol


The rules:

-Thank and link the person who nominated you.

-List the rules

-Share seven facts about you that aren’t on your Liebster award if you achieved it.

-Nominate 15 other blogs and comment on their posts to let them know that you have nominated them.

7  facts about me:

  1. I’m asian.
  2. Book geek. Loves reading fictions like Percy Jackson & the Olympian, Wonder, Let It Snow and many more…
  3. I’m a dog person. I used to have a Chihuahua. Used to..
  4. Interested in graphic design <3
  5. Fangirl here! Logan, Jack and Finn, Jedward, Dan…
  6. Socially awkward .-.
  7. Currently addicted to 2048.

I nominate..


so..yeaa..I’m too lazy to do this kinda things..heheh..


Anniversary :’)

I was gonna make a post about it days ago but I forgot.

anniversary    It’s been a year since I started blogging.

Looking back from my first post till now , I’ve learn a lot about fashion and also improve a lot on styling it. I’ve made and met a lot of new people and friends on this blogging world.

Starting out as a newly blogger on June 2013, not much people view or even know about my blog..this is a very common thing for all bloggers. Just remember this, not every blogger or artist become well-known overnight. It takes time to develop and it is based on all the hard work you’ve done. I remember this blog got a big hit since I’ve posted a editing tutorial. I’m glad that it help a lot of people and also inspired people to start making edits.

A huge thanks to all the wonderful workers and all you wonderful followers. Love ya <3