Items for sale

I just notice that my permission for opening a kiosk is expiring.. I thought we can save the permission can use them whenever we want. :(

Anyway, my kiosk is 13F-5 and here are the items i’m selling.


Purple cat hair – 3500 gold

Shooting star board – 6000 gold (that the minimum amount, I can’t sell it for a cheaper price)

New Year’s hair – 4500 gold


Other items I’m willing to sell:

Screenshot_4 Screenshot_5

Please comment if you want to buy any of these items and also the price you’re willing to pay for them.



That’s my current kiosk. I got a day 1 permission from day 1 of the daily attendance thing and I saw that day 7 and day 14 has changed items again which I am completely fine with.

I wouldn’t recommend going to my kiosk unless you are a member. All the items I am selling are limited items, but they’re starred items so if you’re a non member, it won’t work. I have A LOT of member items including a lot of cool and limited member things, you if you’re a member and you want to buy something, tell/ask me.

Anyway I want to ask you all some stuff. I want to spend some of my gold so… if anyone is selling any of the things below for a cheaper price tell me and I’ll check it out and probably buy them, it’s not certain though. Oh for the red ponytail I need a coined one btw but I don’t anybody will sell a coined one for such a cheap price. Or can you tell me weather these are the lowest price it can go to?

Thank you cindy_lee9 for telling me about the supermodel hair thing.

Thanks minitricia for telling me about the super cheap 500 gold only Stylish Look hair and about the 3000 gold animated rubix cube board. I wonder if there’s a lower price for that?


Or if you’re just selling some awesome coined item cheaply, you can give a link to your post or tell me in the comments and I’ll check it out. I would probably be adding in new stuff I want here.

My main account’s OOTD:


My side account’s OOTD:


I bought the top for 700 gold.

Since this is a fashion blog, below I will write down some kiosks that are selling popular items that I think you guys will want for a cheap price. Cheap as in the cheapest I’ve seen so far.

  • 8A-4 is selling pink chalk board for 2700 gold.
  • 8G-6 is selling blue checkered top for 1000 gold.


Day 14

I’ve finally reached day 14. In day 14 for the daily attendance thing you get 5 cody’s crazy combo coupons, 3 rubies, and 3 diamonds. Not the black ones, the white ones. I thought it would be the black ones because that’s what it showed but it isn’t.

Now I’m going to rant some more about how Fantage favours my side account to the point that it isn’t even fair. I have this theory that it’s giving my side account better things because it doesn’t have much things and my main account has way too much stuff…but what that is not fair.

Here look, these are the things my main account got from Cody’s Crazy Combo:


Well my main account actually has 5 other things from this except I traded it for another draw and got the teal hair you see under the octopus head wear.

The items aren’t anything special or awesome right? The things I am super happy with is the pink hair, the yellow and purple hair, the flower top. Most of them is just fine.

Then look at my side account’s:


Look at these! Look how many great things my side account got! Of course there are still not so good ones like that weird hair and the cyclists hair and outfit which I won’t wear/ But look at those hair and outfits!

I also got this hair and top and shoes that I am currently wearing:


Seriously you can tell the huge difference right! I mean just look at the items my side account got compared to my main account. That’s my side account’s OOTD because the hair is just really pretty. It’s named Model Hair or something like that.

My main account’s OOTD:


At least I finally got the Cleopatra Shoes.

Also my main account got over 14 000 gold because someone bought the black n white shorts I was selling for only 12 000 something. Yay that makes up for it a little bit.


Gift of the Little Monsters – Halloween Event 2014, Part 2

Halloween Part 2 is released to Fantage! The little monsters are grateful for the candies collected for them and in return, they have prepared a Halloween party at the castle! There’s a parade at downtown, Flash sales and New Q-Blast character and Halloween Themed map.



Q-Blast Halloween Theme

There’s a limited limited item sale on Q-Blast zombie costume, the new character Lil’ Chompy. You can use the Tab Trick to buy the blue one :)


TBH these costumes are pretty creepy .

Screenshot_6 Screenshot_7

The new map is pretty cool! I like how there’s mini Mona Lisa around the map. So cute ><


Flash Sale

Fantage used to have flash sales, where limited items are sold for a limited time,for ecoins. But now, they are selling these items for Gold. ugghh..


Today’s item is the exotic vampire costume It cost 2500 Gold.


The parade is at downtown. The next parade is at 4.00 pm, FST(Fantage Standard Time).

Click to join the parade, and you should be on a wait list for the next parade. Make sure you’re at downtown at 4.00pm wearing Halloween Costume.

Screenshot_9 Screenshot_10

Halloween Party 

I’m saving the great part for last! Head over to the castle for the party!

The castle is sooo pretty! I really like the decorations on the Castle. They should have change the smiley face on the balloon to something more Halloween-ish.


Once you enter the castle you’ll receive a stamp. Be sure to log on every day to get the special prizes.Screenshot_12

Go to the very end on the right and you’ll turn invisible! So cool!

Screenshot_13 Hey! It’s drew and suna!

Walk towards to the stairs and you’ll glow!


Go to the top of the stairs and turn tiny!


Screenshot_16There’s ghosts too!

I guess that’s everything in the event. I do think this is a very good event, the decorations, the small details and stuff. I’ll give a 4 out of 5 stars for this event.


Chloe Hair | Styled it

Screenshot_16My favorite hair of all time! Chloe hair is a popular hair released during October 2011. You can wear it in any occasion since it can be matched with almost everything because it’s simple and elegant.


  • A simple top, shorts or jeans will do.
  • Wear sandals, sneakers or flats





Check out Getting ready for fall & Winter is here~


Fantage created 4 types of Chloe hair,

  • The original Chloe hair
  • Chloe hair w/ fur hat (I think it’s a rare item)
  • Chloe hair w/ Umbrella hat (Limited Item)
  • Chloe hair w/ propeller cap (Prize item)

Screenshot_16Screenshot_1 Screenshot_4 Screenshot_8

I don’t have the original Chloe hair, soo I’ll just have to fake it.

Faking Chloe Hair

I’ll be using the propeller hat.

All you need to do is find a hat to cover up the propeller cap.

These hats cover up the propeller perfectly:


Well these does not cover up completely but it still looks fine:


Thanks Fantage Jade for suggesting~


Throwback Archives

I decided to look back on some long forgotten blog post because I was really bored.

Throwback to August 30,2013

A story I’ve made because of boredom: I’ve found my self in wonderland. The first thing I saw was a song by Avril Lavigne – Alice. Any Avril fan here? *HIGH FIVE* 

Ok, the story is ok but the outfit i’m wearing is not.. what was I thinking hahah! If i were to travel back in time, I would wear something more normal looking, more colour matching items. But overall it’s still a great story and is kinda funny ><

Throwback to September 26, 2013

A post I made about one thing that annoyed me during Chocolate Challenge Event. I love that event!! Okay back to the thing that annoyed me, there was this chocolate fountain at the carnival and it let’s you changed to some costumes. I hate it whenever I accidentally walk into the fountain and changed me into a costume and the part that really annoyed me it that you have to put your accessories back //sigh.. Click here to go to the post.

Throwback to September 13, 2013

The first ever FF Mag made by Sindy! It is a magazine about the latest events, fashion advice from Sindy, contest and many more. Click on this to see all FF Mag ever published! One of the Fashion Advice from the FF Mag:

I have been told by a lot of people my fashion taste is bad. Should I change?

If you really love your current style, don’t change. Everyone has their own style and you should just ignore the others who are teasing you about it, if they are. You have the right to like what you want so go ahead. Be truthful to yourself. ^_^


Three throwbacks for now, I’ll do more when I’m bored hahah!


Fashion Battle Mystery Box + Lucky Bot

The mystery box glows when the XP bar is full. I choose the first one and got stars -.-

Screenshot_1 Screenshot_4


I got five lucky bot coupons today and these are what I got.

Screenshot_7 This is fine.Screenshot_8 Fine too, I actually thought I got another item which is the sticky note board, i was like YES!! and then it turned out that I got the purple sweater…-.-||

Screenshot_9  fine too at least i did not get furnitureScreenshot_10 dang it.. furniture Screenshot_11 this is a good one, there’s a even better prize that round. it has 31,100 ecoins,  mermaid hair which i wanted badly..


Attack on the little monsters – Halloween 2014

Halloween event is now released to Fantage! I’m so exited for this >< !! But isn’t a little early? They don’t even change the season to fall, let alone a event for fall..Anyways! let’s get into the event.

As, the magazine said: ‘ Little monsters are hungry and angry, making them HANGRY! (wow fantage wow..) Collect as much candy as possible to prevent the monsters from destroying Fantage! Fantagians will be split up to 4 different teams and whichever team collects the most candies will receive special rewards.’



Looks like it’s going to be a really long event.

Collect Candies From Pumpkins:

When you first logged in, a message will pop up and said:


This means you’re in the ‘Ghost’ team. Click on the Green ghost icon on the left of your screen to know more.Screenshot_22

You can even buy special items to boost your chances, i think, to get candies.

Screenshot_20 Screenshot_21

Well the second pack is kinda inappropriate.. Everything here can be only brought with stars or gold (premium member pack) and gold for the second pack. Well sucks for nons.. we can’t get anything with ecoins.

You can find those pumpkins pretty much everywhere, there’s plenty of them at downtown and uptown (search inside shops too). You’ll get either stars or candies. Just go around fantage and try to get 20 candies to get a medal.

Book It or Bucket Halloween edition 

It asks questions related to Halloween like what’s the meaning of Dracula, when does people celebrate the national Candy corn day in the US ( I now knew that there’s such thing in the US!) I got a candy after playing.


Limited Items

They have really pretty item this year but too bad you can only purchase it with stars or gold :/ I don’t really see the point of ecoins now..


The dress is soo pretty! Just look at it! Aren’t those earrings cute?

Screenshot_24 You can try them on in the photobooth.

I’m not sure if we can buy the items with stars and then buy them in your inventory.. did anyone tried it before?

Overall I think this is a really good event :) Looking forward to the second part of the event.


Trying Lucky Bot for the first time

I got 3 Lucky bot coupons today and decided to try the lucky bot. Yes, this is really my first time trying the Lucky bot, because I don’t want to spend my ecoins on them.

As expected, I got some crappy stuff lol

Even though the second item is an ‘A’ item, it’s still useless :p It’s a freaking furniture…

FUN FACT: The portable phone (which is a furniture item) is animated.

Screenshot_12 Screenshot_13 Screenshot_14

The new changes for WordPress is quite annoying.